About MEMRI Watch

We are a small collective of translators and analysts who are bothered by the output of the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) for various reasons.

Because MEMRI select and translate things from the Arab and Persian media, the articles inevitably touch on numerous areas of discussion and debate. However, our aim here is not to engage in detailed discussion on these matters, or to defend those who are attacked (as they may or may not deserve a defence).

Our primary concern will be to highlight instances of mistranslation and doctoring, as well as address the wider strategy of MEMRI, which is in line with its unwritten agenda. Thus we aim to balance the discussion, rather than engaging in a full and balanced discussion on these pages.

By no means are we the first to raise concerns about this Institute, so we begin by compiling some of what has been written by other commentators. We invite your suggestions and input, which can be given by e-mailing the Administrator:


Here are links to MEMRI’s current websites:


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