‘Aqoul on Wafa Sultan translation

The following debate on Al Jazeera (21st February 2006) created a storm around the world, in its edited and subtitled form provided by MEMRI. In a follow-up article (7/3/2006), MEMRI boasted over a million hits for the video on their site, as well as repeating and underlining their claim that “During the interview, Dr.Ibrahim Al-Khouli accused Sultan of being a ‘heretic‘ for attacking current aspects of Islamic society.”

MEMRI Transcript #1050:
Arab-American Psychiatrist Wafa Sultan: There is No Clash of Civilizations but a Clash between the Mentality of the Middle Ages and That of the 21st Century

The ‘Aqoul blog criticised the translation and the way the debate was edited. Referring to the full Al Jazeera Arabic transcript, “Meph” published a full translation, which we reproduce here:
Transcript Translation: al-Jazeera – The Opposite Direction (26/02/2006)

See their extensive discussions before: Fatwas and Wafa Sultan
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See also their subsequent posts about MEMRI:
MEMRI Mendacity, brief thoughts
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