Islamophobia Watch: Qaradawi archive

Islamophobia Watch has criticised MEMRI many times, including with specific charges of distortion and mistranslation or, more frequently, for its biased selections and omissions. The vast majority of these have been in reference to the leading Islamic scholar Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi, especially following his visit to the UK in July 2004, during which he was greeted by London Mayor Ken Livingstone. Below are links to articles at Islamophobia Watch referring to MEMRI and Qaradawi, presented chronologically.

Distorted MEMRI (July 2004)

MEMRI reports reaction to Qaradawi’s non-existent fatwa (October 2004)
See also: Analysis by Marc Lynch (Abu Aardvark)

Pro-US Arabs Petition the UN to Establish an International Tribunal (November 2004)

Qaradawi and the tsunami (February 2005)
See also: Analysis by Marc Lynch (Abu Aardvark)

Qaradawi not anti-semitic shock (February 2005)

Observer attacks Qaradawi … with the assistance of MEMRI (August 2005)

Mad Mel and Robert Spencer denounce FO memo on Qaradawi (September 2005)

Another MEMRI attack on Qaradawi (March 2006)

Qaradawi calls for financial aid to Palestinians (May 2006)

Wahabbism and the World Cup (June 2006)
See also: Analysis by Rasheed Eldin (Eye on Gay Muslims) Part 1 and Part 2

All-party parliamentary inquiry distorts Qaradawi’s views (September 2006)

More lies about Qaradawi (September 2006)


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